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Create totally understandable, easy to connect, and exceptionally transitional links using your WordPress-based website and domain name with AzonPress.


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Product Tables
Just search and select the desired product, and it will be automatically added to an intuitive product showcase table along with all the product info from Amazon.


Countless Affiliation
Promote as much as products possible from any kinds of categories. Just Install and connect, then AzonPress allows you to pick, present and promote any product you want.


Comparison Tables
Help your audience make informed decisions and subconsciously make them click on the Buy button with well-arranged responsive comparison tables.


Easy Affiliate Management
AzonPress provides you an easy affiliate management system in the dashboard that enables you to manage your affiliates earning, view the reports etc.


With AzonPress You can configure how your affiliate links’ geo-targeting will work. You can redirect one countries traffic to another amazon shop.


User-friendly Plugin
AzonPress plugin was developed for power users as well as for relatively novice ones. That’s why, anyone can make the best use of this plugin and flourish their business.


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Customizable Layouts
Grid, Box, List, Table, Widget- Exhibit your Affiliate links the way you want to! AzonPress offers solutions for every possible kind of Amazon product placement.


AzonPress’s Shortcode operability means you won’t have to create/code product specifications and product tables again and again. Just copy and paste the designated shortcodes and your job is done!


Accurate Tracking
You don’t need to think about manually tracking your affiliate links anymore. With AzonPress, Amazon can track referral links accurately in the smoothest possible way from your site.


Jetzt downloaden

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